Madgwicks’ Telecommunications team is a highly experienced group led by industry expert Partner Rohan Ingleton. Madgwicks has a longstanding relationship of over a decade with one of Australia’s largest telecommunications carriers and has developed innovative, tailored leasing solutions unique to the carrier that have significantly increased efficiencies and accuracies.

In conducting telecommunications leasing and licensing transactions, we ensure an efficient turnaround time with streamlined processes and costs along with expert legal advice for managing complex telecommunications leasing and licensing scenarios.

Madgwicks has been externally recognised for their excellence in the property and telecommunications space having been listed as a Finalist in the Property Team of the Year Category at the Australian Law Awards.

Telecommunications leasing & licensing

  • Draft and negotiate leases, licences, deeds and associated documents for new and existing telecommunications sites in line with client standards.
  • Coordinate the finalisation and distribution of documents for execution, arrange for legal certification (where necessary), obtain relevant consents and arrange registration nationally.
  • Streamline processes for site acquisitions, instigate consistency in negotiations and implement precedents and automation to documentation to increase efficiency in the end to end turnaround time of transactions.

Telecommunications sites

  • Provide advice on legal terms prior to the initiation of transactions between telco, supplier and lessor.
  • Work closely with telcos and suppliers to formulate and implement streamlined processes for site acquisition.
  • With over two decades of telco experience, Madgwicks is able to share insights in managing a telecommunications portfolio and the commercial elements telcos and suppliers need to consider. This includes:
    • Working with the different types of lessors such as: councils, owners corporations, utility providers, government bodies, large businesses, small businesses and individual land owners.
    • Considering the relevant factors when negotiating tenure documents and providing advice generally by considering:
      • Residential, commercial and rural locations
      • Different types of facilities, compounds etc
      • Unique commercial and operational requirements of telcos
    • Ascertaining the most appropriate type of transaction for the circumstances.
    • Negotiating lease terms that are in the best interest of the telco whilst understanding the lessor’s pain points.

Telecommunications law

The Madgwicks Telecommunications team handles all aspects of telecommunications law including:

  • Carriers rights under the Telecommunications Act 1997
  • Practical application of relevant laws in the process of acquiring a site
  • Upgrading and maintaining a site

The Madgwicks Telecommunications team is continually refining and building our processes to respond to client needs. This is done by streamlining these processes to practice and maintain consistency in standards across a portfolio ensuring we are a step ahead and able to proactively react to changes in this ever-evolving industry.

To further discuss how we can assist, please contact Partner Rohan Ingleton at the contact details below.

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