Property Valuers face unique issues when assessing and measuring a property and conducting a formal valuation report. Valuers need to take into account a property’s physical aspects (such as size, structuring, fixtures and fittings), the land the property is on and the zoning of that land.

Madgwicks’ Property Partner Rohan Ingleton is an expert in the industry and Fellow of the Australian Property Institute, as well as a regular author and a presenter on topics that affect valuers for both retail and commercial property valuations.

Rohan releases a monthly Valuer and Retail Leases Update containing useful information on recent cases and industry changes and can be found here.

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Valuer and Retail Leases Update – Outgoings estimate confirmed

In brief You may recall that in last September, I referred to the VCAT decision in Verraty Pty Ltd v Richmond Football Club Ltd. In that decision, it was determined that if a landlord does not provide a tenant with...
10 March, 2020

Valuer and Retail Leases Update – New changes proposed to the Act

In brief The Retail Leases Amendment Bill 2019 was introduced into the lower house late last year. There are proposed changes to the Act, which I will summarise below. What you need to know Property managers will need to be...
3 February, 2020

Valuer and Retail Leases Update – Leases can no longer fall out of the operation of the Act

In brief You may recall in an update last year, I referred to a VCAT decision, which determined that a lease could cease to be governed by the Act during the term where occupancy costs (being rent and outgoings payable...
12 January, 2020