Robo Advice technology has hit Australian shores and is fast gaining traction within the superannuation and funds space, and the broader investment and financial services industry.

Whilst it promises to bridge the gap between full service and research-only advice, it is also intended to make investment advice affordable and readily available to all.

To explore and debate the topic of Robo Advice, Madgwicks hosted a seminar on Wednesday, 25 October 2017, with guest panellists:

  • Lachlan Baird, CEO and CIO of Prime Super
  • Mike Giles, Director of Ignition Wealth
  • Daniel McKean, CEO of Chandler Communications
  • Rick Goldberg, Corporate Partner at MadgwicksModerated by Madgwicks Technology Partner, Dudley Kneller, the panel experts provided unique insights into the rise of Robo Advice and debated a number of key issues impacting the superannuation, investment, technology, and compliance space.

Left to right: Daniel McKean, Mikes Giles, Lachlan Baird, Rick Goldberg and Dudley Kneller

“Robo Advice is not going away so, rather than shy away, we are better off recognising the challenges, the compliance and regulatory hurdles, and understanding how we tackle it going forward.

There’s no better way of staying informed than getting insight from key industry experts,” said moderator Dudley Kneller.

Key issues identified during the panel session included the:

  • challenges of engaging and educating super fund members and whether Robo Advice is the best tool to achieve that;
  • ever-widening gap between technology innovation and legal compliance;
  • willingness of regulators to engage with industry to support innovation; and
  • critical importance of Robo technologies in delivering investment advice to a broader number of people.

Thanks to our panellists for making Madgwicks’ seminar an informative and successful event. If you would like to know more about Robo Advice, please contact Madgwicks Partners, Dudley Kneller or Rick Goldberg.