Lauren Milne Legal Executive

Lauren Milne has more than 15 years’ experience in the legal industry. For the past 6 years, she has been a law clerk and has focused her practice on telecommunication leasing.

She works with a range of stakeholders across Australia to negotiate leases with large landlords such as shopping centre owners, owner’s corporations, Government departments, hospitals, universities and rail operators.

She also has extensive experience establishing policies, procedures and precedents to enable the effective management and smooth operation of an organisation, including of one of Australia’s largest telecommunications carriers.

Lauren is now involved in coordinating and managing the carrier’s Australia-wide telecommunications facility leasing portfolio.

Lauren’s Madgwicks Moment: The close knit, friendly and relaxed atmosphere with easy access to upper management who communicate freely with staff and don’t muck around when it comes to making key decisions.


  • Leasing portfolio management
  • Precedent and procedure development
  • Tailored/client specific document suites, such as manuals, library of client’s approved alternate clauses, library of responses to frequently disputed clauses
  • Greenfield leases / licences
  • Rooftop leases / licences
  • In-Building Coverage (IBC) licences
  • Trustee leases
  • Master agreements
  • State specific leasing
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