A commercial litigation and insolvency lawyer, Catherine fights passionately for the interests of her clients with care and dedication.

Catherine’s practice covers a wide range of commercial disputes including contractual disputes, leases disputes, franchising disputes, intellectual property disputes, construction disputes and various types of debt recovery. She has represented individuals and business in building and construction disputes and acted for clients in complex construction arbitration. Catherine also have experience with franchising and leasing disputes disputes.

In addition, Catherine is an experienced insolvency practitioner who has advised on unfair preferences claims, winding up applications and bankruptcy issues as well acting for liquidators in pursuing claims against various parties. Prior to joining Madgwicks, Catherine has acted in over a hundred matters on behalf of the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation in bankruptcy and winding up proceedings, as well as provided advice in relation to preference claims made against the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation.

Catherine is a regular presenter, author and thought leader as well as legal counsel for the Chinese Stroke Support Group. She also appears on a radio talk show (94.1FM 3WBC) on a monthly basis to share tips and general legal information to the public.

Catherine can advise in English and Mandarin and can also converse in Cantonese, Malay, Hokkien and French.

Areas of Expertise

Key focus areas:

  • Insolvency
  • Debt recovery
  • Franchising disputes
  • Leasing disputes
  • Contractual disputes

Recent Articles by Catherine Tan

Mandarin Guide: COVID-19 and commercial leases 疫情间,商业店租如何谈?澳大利亚对于商业租赁的临时法规

疫情下,很多生意都受到影响。在最近的一个月,我几乎每一天都在回答关于商业租赁的问题。问的最多的就是关于减租和提早结束租赁的问题。 The effects of COVID-19 are no doubt impacting many businesses and their profitability. In the past month, I have received enquiries on an almost daily basis regarding commercial and retail leases, particularly in relation to seeking rent relief and...
18 May, 2020

Mandarin Guide: COVID-19 and employment laws 新型冠状病毒相关劳工法

新型冠状病毒对很多生意都造成了很大的影响。作为雇主或者员工,你了解相关法律吗?这篇文章以快问快答的方式,希望给大家多一些相关法律的了解。 COVID-19 has no doubt impacted on many businesses and their profitability. As an employer or employee, do you know your legal rights? This article contains some common questions and answers which will hopefully assist you in better understanding your...
3 April, 2020

Mandarin Guide: COVID-19 and possible impacts on your contracts 新型冠状病毒对于合约效力的影响

新型冠状病毒对很多生意和个人都造成了很大的影响。很多客户联系我,表示他们或许有违约的情况,或者想要改变一些履行合约的方式。你或者你的公司签订的合约是否还能履行? COVID-19 has no doubt impacted on the way businesses and people work. I have received numerous enquiries from clients regarding situations where there is a potential breach of contract, or that they wish to change the manner the contractual...
3 April, 2020

Mandarin Guide: COVID-19 and temporary changes to the insolvency laws 新型冠状病毒和破产清盘新法律

由于新型冠状病毒对很多生意和个人经济都造成了很大的影响,中央政府对破产和公司清盘的有关法律做了一些临时的改变。截至这篇文章发布的日期,以下改变自2020年3 月25日开始生效,为期 6个月。 As COVID-19 has resulted in adverse financial impacts on companies and individuals, the Federal Government has enacted new insolvency laws to make some temporary changes. These changes take effect from 25 March 2020. As at the date...
3 April, 2020

我买的商品不符合我的要求!我可以退款吗?Can I get a refund? Mandarin guide to consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law.

简介 In brief “…根据澳大利亚法律,我们有ACCC会帮我们…“ 以上截自一个美国游戏发布平台,Steam的客户写给Steam的客服的邮件。这个案子关于一家在澳大利亚有运营的美国公司。这个案子证明了即使一个公司在澳大利亚没有员工,消费者还是拥有澳大利亚消费者法律的保护。【下面会跟大家分享这个案子】
23 October, 2019

你的行为或者发布的广告是否构成欺骗或者误导?Mandarin Guide: Businesses – Is your conduct or advertising misleading or deceptive?

简介 In brief 商人必须注意自己的表达(言语,动作,书面)是否违背了澳大利亚消费者法律。违背法律的后果可能是严重的名誉损失和巨大的罚款。 Traders need to be aware when they make representations (verbal, written, or by conduct) that they are not in contravention of the Australian Consumer Law. Breaches can incur serious fines and a huge loss to the...
8 October, 2019

投资入股要注意的事项 Mandarin Guide: Tips for entering into a shareholder agreement

No two companies are the same, therefore, no two shareholders agreement should be either. Lawyer Catherine Tan provides some useful tips for entering into a shareholder agreement in this Mandarin Guide.
1 August, 2019