Ed Browne has more than 20 years’ experience practising in commercial law. He advises a range of small and medium sized businesses, including family businesses and franchisors.

Ed works with business owners, boards of directors and executives in a strategic capacity to advise on significant projects and commercial decisions, including mergers and acquisitions, new ventures, market entry/exits and structuring and restructuring, as well as day-to-day business activities and agreements.

He also has extensive experience working with multigenerational family businesses and multifamily groups which have their own unique complexities and challenges.

Ed is extremely well regarded for his ability to advise on business strategy, and then work closely with an advisory team to manage the process and implement what is required to effectively achieve the desired outcome.

Ed’s clients range from service providers in IT, aged care, financial services, hospitality and marketing to construction contractors, technology companies and manufacturers.

Areas of Expertise

Key focus areas:

  • Business structuring & restructuring
  • Shareholder, unitholder and partnership agreements and disputes
  • Supply contracts
  • Distribution and licensing agreements – local and international
  • Franchising
  • Family business, including succession planning
  • Corporate governance
  • Business sales and acquisitions
  • Due diligence

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