A team-player with a background in neuroscience and experience in corporate law and intellectual property and trademark law, Marionne is a commercially minded lawyer in Madgwicks’ Corporate team.

Marionne is able to assist with corporate law matters and is fluent in Tagalog. She can react quickly and efficiently and is positive, resilient and enthusiastic about new challenges.

Possessing a Bachelor of Science with Honours in addition to her law degree, Marionne is uniquely placed to assist clients with all their commercial needs.

Areas of Expertise

Recent Articles by Marionne Tolentino

Selective Share Buy-Backs – a strategic business move

In brief If a shareholder wants to leave a company and dispose of their shares, a Selective Share Buy-Back can be a strategic tool available to the remaining shareholders. What is a Selective Share Buy-Back? There are times when one...
14 August, 2020