“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” Steve Jobs

Since the 07/08 crisis, two words are rarely seen in the same sentence: business and certainty. Very few industries are exempt from this. These days, words that seem to be used more frequently with “business” are “complex”, “turbulent” and “unforgiving”.


It’s what you know and who you know

Now – more than ever, executives require lawyers who are pragmatic, connected and have a healthy respect for a combination of “quick wins” and long-term vision.

A law firm that blindly follows client requests and doesn’t challenge reasoning and assumptions is no more than a commodity. The Madgwicks’ team work in partnership with you to support your vision, challenge you and proactively identify the opportunities and risks that apply to your business and industry. As one of our partners was recently told by a client – “I talk to you more than I talk to my wife!”.

Why? Because a trusted advisor becomes an invaluable resource to an executive in this complex, turbulent and unforgiving business world. It’s trickier than it’s ever been.

Your business doesn’t operate in a vacuum and neither do we. When our business advisory team needs to – it reaches out to other areas of the firm and even looks to other business professionals who may be better placed to provide advice. After all, it’s not just about what you know – but also, whom you know. It’s that combination that gets results for clients – and it’s the reason they keep calling us.

We live in a ‘knowledge world’. There’s never been a more necessary time to have right people on your side. Madgwicks’ lawyers can provide you with an experienced, yet unique perspective on the opportunities and challenges you face tomorrow. You can read some of our insights here.


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In Business Advisory

Asset Sales & Purchases

Negotiating is a skill - and quite frankly, it’s a skill few have in spades. For many Australian businesses, it’s well outside their skill set and comfort zone.

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Business Taxation

Tax is arguably the most complex part of doing business. It’s certainly one of the most complex components of law. Tax laws are constantly changing and compliance is becoming increasingly confusing and all-consuming for business directors and senior finance executives.

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Contractual Arrangements

A contract isn’t for when things are going well… it’s for when things take a turn. Don’t let hindsight win.

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Intellectual Property

Many of us have great ideas. But nurturing, developing and investing in our intellectual property are what makes real innovators and business succeed.

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Structuring & Stakeholder Agreements

Business owners and other stakeholders are vulnerable to the same life events as everyone else. People want to eventually retire, maybe an opportunity to relocate arises, or an unexpected sickness hits someone in your team. Where does that leave everyone?

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Technology & Telecommunications

The law struggles to keep up with technology innovation at the best of times. Set against a backdrop of increasing oversight and interest from government regulators keen to understand the impact of technology on Australian business, the gap between compliance and innovation starts to look ever-wider.

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