Invest in written contracts and save later

“This would be a lot easier and cost you a lot less if you had a decent contract in place”: words that most commercial lawyers think to themselves – but rarely have the courage to say to new clients.

Solid contracts help avoid, or at least shorten the time (and cost) spent on disputes. Whether it’s for the purchase or sale of an asset, a robust service or supply agreement with a vendor or you simply need to outline your terms of trade – investing in decent contracts today will save you money, time and headaches later.

Good contracts make good friends. When you’re starting out, strong contracts help demonstrate to prospects that you are serious. And when you’re looking to finally sell your business, strong contracts can be your biggest asset / lever when negotiating. Contracts give your potential buyer a degree of certainty.

We all want some certainty. Madgwicks can provide you with an audit of your current contracts. We’ll identify where you might be exposed – and even suggest drafting contracts that you and your team may never have considered. Ultimately, we’ll give you some peace of mind so you sleep better at night. Contact one of our contract experts today.