Get on the front foot

It doesn’t take Nostradamus to tell you that technology is here to stay. But the harsh reality is that technology is as much a threat to business as it is an enabler.

A cyber-security or privacy breach can undo years of built up hard work and goodwill. A decision to offshore critical parts of your business can make or break your position in the marketplace. Emerging technologies that suddenly lower the barriers to entry and attract unexpected entrants to market, can bring a wave of disruptive technological change that threatens your business model and offering.

You have a choice. Your business could be the next Borders or Blockbuster Video – or you could embrace that technology as a risk you can tame and turn into a business model advantage.

Our Technology and Telecommunications team works in partnership with businesses to help those supplying into the market to deliver effective technology and communications solutions to an increasingly savvy and selective customer base. So too with customers procuring technology and communications, whether moving to the cloud to take advantage of a new SAAS based product or embarking on larger projects still, including offshoring, BPO and IT outsourcing or major integration projects.

We also advise on cyber security, privacy law, content regulation and social media use from the perspective of protecting your business’ hard earned reputation – not just compliance. Our telecommunications’ work broadly spans a range of activities and clients including ISPs, carriers and equipment and service providers.

Compliance is constant and needs to sit neatly alongside technology innovation. Reputation and business success or failure can turn on how you manage technology risk effectively in your business.

The Madgwicks’ Technology and Telecommunications team works with businesses that see (or want to see) technology as a fundamental component of their competitive advantage. Learn more about our experience with technology and telecommunications by contacting us here.