“The big picture doesn't just come from distance; it also comes from time.” Simon Sinek

Our team is a combination of those who see the bigger picture and those with a serious eye for detail. But we all have one thing in common – a relentless focus on getting a commercial outcome. Together, we will connect the dots and get you the results you desire.


Is your next move the right one?

Most lawyers enjoy advising on compliance. From a lawyer’s perspective, compliance is predictable and it’s far easier to be ‘black and white’ when giving advice. The issue with that is executives live in a ‘grey’ world where everything is unpredictable and uncertain. There’s no such thing as a “sure thing”.

Madgwicks’ Corporate Services team is another set of eyes and ears for executives. We look beyond just compliance. We’ll help you make the right strategic decision by working with you to assess the ‘grey’. This includes conducting due diligence, identifying risk management issues and providing strategic and pragmatic advice on the commercial transaction.

Our experience includes working with publicly listed companies, private companies from start-up to exit, financial institutions, multinationals and subsidiaries, fund managers, advisory firms, trustee companies and superannuation funds.

We also work hard to maintain good relationship with regulators, including ASX, ASIC, APRA/AUSTRAC and the ATO.

There are plenty of law firms who can help you with ‘just’ compliance. But if you need a trusted advisor that can help ensure your next move is the right one – give Madgwicks a call. We’d be happy to share some of our experiences with you.

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Ed Browne Partner
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Philip Diviny Partner
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David Galbally AM QC Partner
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Rick Goldberg Partner
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Peter Hammond Partner
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Marina Papas Partner
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Tom May OAM Head of Tax
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Sasha Roberts Senior Associate
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Marcus Memmolo Lawyer
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In Corporate Services

Capital Raising & Corporate Finance

To list or not to list? That is the question. Well, it used to be. There are so many alternatives to raise capital, and with interest rates so low in Australia right now, exploring all options is smart thing to do.

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Corporate Governance & Compliance

The bigger you get and the more people that get involved in your business – the more important robust corporate governance and compliance practices become to your success.

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Corporate Structures & Joint Ventures

Joint ventures and strategic alliances are a trend that’s growing worldwide and in Australia. On face value – there’s a lot to like about them. But according to experts, half of them fail to deliver and two thirds dissolve within two years of forming.

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Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments

Build or buy? Organic growth has its advantages, but strategic mergers and acquisitions can seriously accelerate growth. But, all big opportunities come with risks and pitfalls – and some are harder to see than others.

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Taxation, Planning, Advice & Strategy

Tax is arguably the most complex part of doing business. It’s certainly one of the most complex components of law. Tax laws are constantly changing and compliance is becoming increasingly confusing and all-consuming for business directors and senior finance executives.

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