Start with a strategy, then a partner

The whole purpose of a joint venture or strategic alliance is to be beneficial for all stakeholders – the businesses, the shareholders and investors and the end-customer. It’s a balancing act – so it’s useful to set your intentions well before approaching prospective partners.

Madgwicks works with public and private businesses to draft and negotiate joint venture, partnership and strategic alliance agreements that drive success and work towards a common objective. They encourage and protect the different economic positions, assets, skills and outlook of the different parties. Because of the nature of joint ventures, it’s important that agreements maintain a degree of flexibility and adaptability so that the partnership can grow over the long-term. This will give you the best chance to buck the trend.

If you’re considering a joint venture or strategic alliance as a way to grow your business and deliver more value to shareholders and customers, contact our Corporate Services team. We would be happy to share some of our success stories with you.