“Much of the uncertainty of law is not an unfortunate accident: it is of immense social value.” Sonia Sotomayor

One of Madgwicks’ three core values is ‘being easy to work with’. Whilst the answer to all questions depend on each individual dispute’s set of circumstances, our ‘easy to work with’ approach ensures you will have as much certainty as possible before we get started.


We’ll help you prepare as much as possible

Whether your business is pursuing a dispute or has a claim brought against it, being well prepared puts you in the best possible position to get a favourable outcome.  And that’s the whole point of this exercise… to find an outcome or a way through.

With all the disputes and litigation matters our lawyers advise on, we make it our business to ensure that we understand the big picture. Will our client’s reputation be harmed, even if we get a short-term win? Will this action decrease the value of their business tomorrow and make it less attractive when selling it in the future? Will this action damage an important relationship, beyond repair?

Unlike most litigators who simply present options to their clients, we give our clients a well thought out recommendation. There’s not much point winning the battle if you lose the war.

Our Dispute Resolution & Litigation Team handles disputes and litigation in commercial property, enforcing securities and loan recoveries, intellectual property, employment law and industrial relations, disputes between directors and shareholders, disputes involving mergers and acquisitions, actions against borrowers and guarantors, contractual disputes, and actions arising out of personal and corporate insolvency.

Whatever the outcome is that you need to achieve, you’ll want an experienced advisor on your side. We’ll help you prepare and provide you with a recommended course of action so that you get the best long-term result for your business. Contact Madgwicks today and find out if we can answer those three key questions for your situation.

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In Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The courts take the view that litigation should be a last resort. And so do we. Alternative dispute resolution is a more cost-effective, commercially pragmatic approach to ending arguments and getting a favourable outcome.

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Borrowers, Lenders, Guarantors & Directors Actions

There’s always a risk in lending or borrowing money. Particularly for higher value transactions such as mortgages, business loans and equipment finance.

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Commercial & Property Disputes

In the commercial and property world, disputes are often best settled as quickly as possible. After all, there’s work to be done.

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Securities & Loan Recoveries Enforcement

When taking action against borrowers, guarantors and directors – most of our clients just want to recover their funds as quickly and efficiently as possible. We turn to negotiation and settlement before litigation becomes necessary.

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