What could go possibly wrong?

When large sums of money and assets are at stake, which in business and property is often, there is a multitude of things that can cause a disagreement. From issues relating to financial and valuation disputes, sale and purchase transactions, employment and employee relations, intellectual property infringements and oppositions, contracts and terms of trade – there’s no shortage of things that two parties can disagree on.

Even disputes with regulators such as ASIC, ASX and the ATO are common for businesses, and arguments between property developers and local councils happen every single day.

A number of our teams provide ‘subject matter’ support to our Dispute Resolution & Litigation Team. When the client will get a better result, we bring in the expertise of our Business Advisory and Corporate Services teams to provide advice on disputes relating to specific areas of law that require their knowledge.

In the property industry, our experience includes working with the owners, investors, developers, lenders, landlords and tenants of commercial properties. Specifically, we have specialist teams that handle disputes on behalf of the owners and managers of franchisors, family businesses, aged care providers, retirement villages and the hospitality and accommodation industry.

Madgwicks has run alternative dispute resolution processes on behalf of clients, and guided businesses through litigation in VCAT and all State and Federal Court systems. Commercial and property disputes are high value affairs – so you need experienced advisors in your corner. Contact us today to find out more.