From contract to conciliation to collection

The Madgwicks Lawyers’ Banking & Finance Team provides lenders with commercially effective and clear loan agreements and security documentation. We remove ambiguity and outline payment terms, schedules and the process involved should a borrower not fulfil your terms.

Our Business Advisory Team provides contracts to businesses outlining terms of trade and can assist internal finance and administration teams instil effective credit management systems and processes.

Unfortunately though, not even the best agreements and documentation can force a borrower to pay what they owe.

The advantage of using Madgwicks is that we are a full-service, commercial firm and our Dispute Resolution & Litigation Team can take over when borrowers don’t fulfil their end of the deal.

We are able to manage the entire dispute process from issuing a letter of demand to pursuing guarantors and directors, to recovering debts in a cost effective and timely manner.

Taking action against borrowers, guarantors and directors is stressful for them – as well as for you and your business. To ensure you have the best leg to stand on before things go awry, our Banking & Finance and Business Advisory Teams can assist you with clear and comprehensive documentation. But when things turn pear-shaped, you can count on our Dispute Resolution & Litigation Team to get you a positive outcome.