“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Confucius

Managing investors’ money, whatever the type of financial product, managed fund or service, requires a great deal of responsibility. Add constant and complex changes to financial services legislation – and even the most experienced fund manager, trustee or wealth advisor can be excused from feeling overwhelmed.


Pooled funds: pooled legal expertise

As a fund manager, you need to be experienced at working with pooled funds and managing investments to deliver the returns expected of your investors. Similarly, at Madgwicks we manage pooled resources, relationships and expertise, to deliver the regulatory, compliance, and risk management outcomes to ensure our clients’ interests are protected and their commercial results achieved.

Understanding your industry is paramount to what we do – and the day to day running of your business often requires additional specialist skill sets to effectively manage your legal issues. Our Funds Management team works closely with other Madgwicks teams, including in tax, finance, and property. We also draw on our industry connections and, as required, international legal support through Meritas. The result – seamless delivery with minimum fuss of everything you require to make your business and fund simpler to operate – so you can get on with the job of generating returns for your investors.

We maintain good working relationships with financial services industry regulators including ASIC, ASX, APRA, AUSTRAC and the ATO.

Our clients include Australian and international fund managers, superannuation funds, property trusts, wealth advisory firms, and organisations providing SMSF consulting services.

Contact our Funds Management & Superannuation team to see how we can make things less complex for your fund and your business – so you can focus on getting a return for investors. Our team is experienced in the entire life cycle of a managed fund – from establishment to divestment.

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David Galbally AM QC
David Galbally AM QC Partner
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Rick Goldberg
Rick Goldberg Partner
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Dudley Kneller
Dudley Kneller Partner
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Rebecca James
Rebecca James Special Counsel
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Charles Thompson
Charles Thompson Senior Associate
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Cherry Tan Lawyer
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Join us as we work through the practical implications of paying superannuation death benefits in a post transfer balance cap world.

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