“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” Michael J. Fox

We work with entrepreneurs, senior executives and families to build, maintain and protect personal wealth. Our approach is to take the time to fully understand each individual family’s issues, concerns and dynamics.


For the good of your family

A consistent theme of many clients is the protection of family wealth and appropriate succession arrangements for business and family wealth, as well as managing the expectations of family members.

Our Private Wealth Advisory team has almost two centuries of combined experience, with each practitioner having many years of experience advising high net worth families and individuals on achieving their objectives.

We have particular expertise with family-owned businesses and dealing with the complex structures and personal sensitivities that often occur in these instances.

Our team of taxation experts can advise you on taxation implications of business re-structures and succession. Contact the Madgwicks’ Private Wealth Advisory team today – and make sure that all your ‘hard-earned’ wealth ends up in the right hands.

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Debra Dunn Special Counsel
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Asset Protection & Risk Management

Asset risk can come in many forms including accident, business misadventure, and through relationship breakdown. Regardless of the reason, when things go wrong it is often too late to take steps to protect wealth. That is why there has never been a better time, besides yesterday, to protect your assets and safeguard against future risks.

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Business Succession Planning

You’ve given time and thought to the things that made your business a success. You also need to give consideration to how you realise that success, or pass that success onto the next generation.

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Estate Planning & Administration

Estate planning is more than just about having a will; it's about planning for your future and the future of those around you. It's about being proactive and protecting the interests of your family. It's about protecting what you have for the next generation and having peace of mind.

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