Revenue determines all else

For most of our tenant clients who have leasing arrangements, their leasing expenditure forms a significant slice of the expense row on their P&L. For many tenants, their rent is inextricably linked with the income their business generates.

It would be great, if landlords and tenants could just sign a leasing contract it for next 5, 10 or however many years and be done with it. But unfortunately, it can be more complex than that – and disputes are rife between both parties.

The Madgwicks Property Team can assist with standard commercial leasing transactions, as well as handling subleasing agreements, licenses and other types of documentations that relate to retail, office, industrial and the specialist residential and hospitality sectors.

We can also advise on and provide alternative dispute resolution services to lessor and lessees – and help terminate a lease should a party default or fail to meet their obligations.

Given the traditionally long duration of commercial leases, issues are bound to rise from time to time. This can be dependent on changing market conditions – from both the landlord and tenant sides. You can contact our team to find out more about how we can assist. And you can also read about our leasing experience specific to the telecommunications industry here.