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Like most areas of commercial property, there are two parts of the investment: the property itself and the business that operates on that property. But in your instance, you’ve got one additional thing to think about: people live and sleep on your premises. There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with that.


Buying, managing and selling

Madgwicks has been working with retirement villages, aged care facilities, hotels, serviced apartments, motels, residential lifestyle communities, and caravan parks for as long as we can remember. The residential and hospitality market is an industry that we’re truly passionate about as a firm.

Investors have relied on us to help negotiate the terms of property purchases and business purchases. They do this because they know we will get the best outcome for them when it comes to the whole transaction. With Madgwicks, you have access not only to some of the best property and commercial lawyers in Australia – but also tax, franchising, and dispute resolution lawyers who know the intricacies of your industry inside and out.

When it comes to day-to-day operations, our team can assist management teams with issues relating to security, employment, the safety of employees, guests and contractors, technology, liquor licensing, privacy and marketing (including online marketing). We are also experienced at negotiating supplier agreements with vendors such as caterers, cleaning businesses and tradespeople.

What’s your next step? Whatever it is – we are truly a full service legal offering for the accommodation industry (including the retiree segment of that industry). We’ll help you save money, make money and protect your reputation. And given our passion for this industry – we know plenty of people outside of the legal profession who can also assist you. Contact us today.

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