“The time your game is most vulnerable is when you're ahead; never let up.” Rod Laver

Whether you like it or not, if you’re a sporting body, club or professional athlete, you’re not just judged by the law. Both the media and your supporters analyse every action, decision, indiscretion or controversy with your name on it. Because in this country, sport isn’t part of life…it is life.


It’s your life

We ‘get’ sport. We get the emotional highs and lows that go with it, the complications and demands that accompany the lifestyle, the need to be understood and supported, and the desire to pursue a dream that often goes against all odds.

Our firm regularly acts for clients such as Cricket Australia, the AFL and high profile athletes. The Lead Partner in our Sports Law Group is David Galbally AM QC who has over 35 years of experience in representing organisations and athletes in the sports industry.

David is supported by an experienced team of lawyers who have a great depth of knowledge and involvement across a wide range of sporting codes including the AFL, athletics, cycling, triathlons, soccer, basketball, netball and a wide range of sports associated with the Olympic and Commonwealth Games and World Championships.

We have advised sporting bodies on the rules that govern their sport, their corporate governance practices, contractual issues, and provided support in a number of disciplinary hearings and tribunals.

For clubs and athletes, we have provided advice on the use of performance enhancing and illicit drugs, facilitating transfers between clubs, compliance with sporting body laws, as well as helping guide players and clubs through any indiscretions made.

We’re more than just your lawyers. We get your sport. And we get you. We’ve seen the sacrifices that have been made and we’re as passionate about helping you as you are about competing.

This isn’t just ‘sport’ It’s your life. Do you need advice from a team who’s been helping sporting bodies, clubs and athletes for decades? Do you need someone who appreciates that it’s your reputation on the line? Do you need someone who has a sense of urgency – because everything in sport is so public? If so, then you need to give us a call.

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