“Of all the inventions of humans, the computer is going to rank near or at the top as history unfolds and we look back. It is the most awesome tool that we have ever invented.” Steve Jobs

Businesses are in a constant state of flux as they strive to keep up and take advantage of new technology innovation. Technology and telecommunications laws are complex and constantly evolving. When you throw cyber security risks and privacy compliance into the mix – things can get complicated.


Industry experience is a must

As businesses negotiate the ever changing emerging technology trends and compliance risks, new technologies, increased regulation and a growing cyber threat will pose ongoing challenges and immense opportunities for Australian organisations. How does a computer comply with the required “best interests” obligations under the Corporations Act 2001? How do you best allocate risk and responsibility where a machine is performing the task, driving the car, calculating the sums? Organisations willing to embrace the opportunity but yet still apply an appropriate commercial filter and ensure compliance are set to benefit most.

The Madgwicks’ TMT team works closely with businesses across a broad range of sectors and of varying levels to achieve the above aim and regularly advises clients on implementing these new technologies. This includes advising in relation to network services and cloud-based services, data-centre related services, and the procurement and supply of technology and telecommunications services more broadly. On larger transactions we have advised on managing technology contracts during the implementation, run and transition out phases. We have assisted a number of our clients in the effective implementation of statement of work programmes and renegotiations as well as the remediation of major transformation projects.

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Cyber Risk & Data Security

A data breach doesn’t just affect your business and your reputation; it affects your customers’ businesses, their reputations and their clients as well. When things go wrong, they can go wrong very quickly.

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It’s good business practice to respect privacy beyond basic compliance. Research shows poor privacy equals a slump in consumer confidence which spells bad news for your business.

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Technology can provide so much value to an organisation by helping streamline processes and reduce costs. Without question, technology creates countless opportunities for entrepreneurs, business owners and managers to explore.

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Copper out, fibre-optic in. Wired slowing, wireless growing. There’s a lot of change coming.

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