Peace of mind, not piece of mind

Experience teaches all of us that you never know how an employee is going to perform or interact with others until they start.

An employment agreement is imperative to protect your business’ best interests and should comprehensively cover an employee’s clearly defined duties through to any limitations an employee will encounter should they decide to leave – and everything in between.

Importantly, depending on your business needs, agreements may venture outside of traditional employment arrangements. For instance, determining if someone is an employee or an independent contractor can be confusing and complex for many businesses, particularly as there are numerous entitlements, taxation withholding issues, and superannuation guarantee legislation requirements that must be considered, depending on the nature of the agreement. If arrangements are not clearly defined, things could turn ugly when a worker finds out that they are not eligible for certain entitlements that they automatically presumed they could claim.

Implementing sound and up-to-date employment agreements is a relatively simple measure your business can take to get peace of mind. They can save you a lot of stress, time and money down the track if things don’t go to plan.

Our experienced Workplace Relations team can review your existing employment contracts to ensure that everything looks in order and is up to date. And if there’s an issue – we’ll let you know so you can take action. Contact us today to find out more.