Don’t lose sight of your purpose

Noise can distract even the biggest and best businesses. But if a business can stay true by offering value to customers and provide a safe and fair place for employees to work productively – industrial relations activity and enterprise bargaining should just be a part of business operations, not a distraction or disruption.

The Madgwicks Workplace Relations team advises Australian businesses (and those looking to establish operations in Australia from overseas) to ensure industrial activity doesn’t become a major distraction to their business operations.

We do this by working in partnership with business owners, boards and management teams to develop proactive industrial strategies that minimise losses in productivity and negotiate and obtain approval for enterprise agreements in a timely manner. Our team includes a number of experienced arbitrators and litigators who can handle industrial disputes as non-contentiously and efficiently as possible.

We’ve also advised countless businesses on how to handle requests from unions to enter their premises. We ensure both parties meet their workplace and OH&S obligations so that from the outset, any impact on your business’ productivity is minimised.

Don’t let industrial relations activity hold up your business’ growth. The Madgwicks team can work in partnership with your business to ensure your employees are safe, productive and remunerated fairly so that industrial activity doesn’t become all-consuming. We can start by providing you with a confidential audit of your workplace practices. Ask how.