Retail Leasing

The Madgwicks Leasing team is deeply aware of the singular nature of a retail lease and have developed a specialist knowledge to effectively manage and negotiate retail leases to result in the best possible outcome for clients, an outcome only achieved with specialist expertise in the space.

The Madgwicks Leasing Team can assist with advice, negotiations and preparation of retail leases and associated transactions, as well as handling subleasing agreements, licenses and other types of documentation that relate to retail and hospitality sectors as well as those sectors that were not previously considered retail such as industrial and distribution sectors.

Our Madgwicks experts are legal thought-leaders and continue to grow and adapt to the latest in leasing law to ensure that our leasing clients are in the most advantageous position.

The team is able to assist with all facilities from a single site location all the way to major centres. We are highly commercial and outcome focused and always to work to a legal solution that is commercially strategic. We can also advise on and provide alternative dispute resolution services to lessors and lessees – and help terminate a lease should a party default or fail to meet their obligations.

The retail leasing services we offer include:

  • lease negotiations
  • agreements to lease
  • renewal and variations of lease
  • assignments or transfers of lease
  • termination and surrenders of lease
  • advising on retail tenancies legislation in the relevant state
  • disclosure statements
  • enforcement of rights under the lease or licence arrangement
  • advising on leasing disputes
  • acting in relation to mediations with the relevant Small Business Commissioner
  • advising on market rent valuations and related disputes

Partner and Team Lead Rohan Ingleton is an expert in the retail leasing space and is a Fellow of the Australian Property Institute and responsible for the legal training of valuers seeking accreditation to become specialist valuers under the Retail Leases Act 2003 (Vic). He is often appointed as an expert to determine legal questions under dispute and provides expert opinions on retail leasing matters.

COVID-19 Assistance

The COVID-19 crisis has had a significant impact on retail leasing and our experts are extremely aware of the unique challenges continuing to affect business, individuals and the economy in Australia. Our leasing team is working closely with landlords and tenants to navigate the challenges that it has raised. Our leasing experts are across the latest in COVID-19 leasing law including national legislation, federal and state government policies and directions.

We are acting on behalf of landlords and tenants in order to reach the most appropriate agreements for our clients with a view of ensuring that both parties can survive this effects of COVID-19.

Whether you are trying to determine if a valid request for rent relief has been made, what your rights and obligations are in relation to rent relief and its negotiation, or what to do if you have hit a stalemate, our leasing experts would be happy to help.

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