“The need to grapple with ethical considerations is becoming apparent as AI becomes more prevalent in the Australian legal sector. The rise of AI is challenging the traditional role of lawyers but is also opening the profession to a range of new tech-driven possibilities. Positive results have already been achieved by algorithms within a confined remit but ongoing supervision of data handling practices as well as the application of AI technology is required.”

Technology is disrupting the legal sector with opportunities and challenges on managing this new era rife. Madgwicks Technology Partner Dudley Kneller delved into the issue as a panellist on the LexisNexis Legal Frontiers: From AI to Ethics Roadshow culminating in this report. From the impact of tech on job roles, AI and techbots to data privacy and rights, this report combines the views of legal professionals from corporate, academia, and other parts of the justice system on the evolving legal landscape.

Available to download here.