Our September Workplace Relations Insights newsletter contains articles on recent developments in the area of workplace relations.

Articles include:

  • Casual conversion – changes from 1 October 2018: Partner and LIV Accredited Workplace Relations Specialist Michelle Dawson looks at casual conversion rights and obligations that will soon affect the majority of employers in Australia.
  • Casual employee held to be entitled to annual leave: Special Counsel Tim Greenall looks at a recent decision where an employee employed as a casual and ostensibly paid casual loading, was nonetheless entitled to payment of accrued annual leave upon termination of his employment.
  • External advisers penalised for a client’s exploitation of vulnerable workers: Senior Associate Emily Dempster reminds us that the accessorial liability provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) have broad reaching implications on a range of persons and companies including external advisers.

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