Client Situation:

When working with a Madgwicks’ specialist leasing client, it was determined that one of their key business goals was to improve the efficiency of transactions and reduce the number of days required to complete transactions.


Madgwicks developed a tailored client solution and implemented a number of innovations and processes resulting in an amazing outcome reducing the national average number of days to complete a transaction from 213 days to 61.9 days.

How Madgwicks Helped:

To achieve these ground-breaking results, Madgwicks:

  • Undertook significant training sessions for the client’s agents with regards to the client’s processes and provided guidance regarding the client’s required legal positions. Through significantly improved uniformity in information input into the system, the Madgwicks team significantly decreased risk and increased the efficiency in which our team members could complete transactions. A win for our client and for our firm.
  • Created client specific tailored solutions and collateral to ensure transitioning to the system was seamless and simple for the client’s agents to follow. This included creating an instruction pack checklist for suppliers and guidance notes within the data set.
  • Created internal guidance documents relating to the system to handle specialist leasing, including more than 130 client specific precedents and a 300 plus page in- house procedures manual.
  • Worked with the client to develop a letter of offer to ensure that the more contentious lease issues are dealt with upfront to minimise the time to finalise a lease.

If you are impressed with our ability to obtain outcomes such as a reduction in transaction time of from 213 days to 61.9 days and want to know how Madgwicks could help you achieve the same solutions in your own business, contact one of our team members. We are leasing experts committed to helping our clients to not only receive practical, commercial legal advice but to also assist the business to achieve its broader goals.

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