Can employers make the COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for staff?

There are many different issues raised by this question so there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer. However, what is clear is that in most cases the answer will be ‘no.’ Guidance on COVID-19 vaccinations from the Fair Work...
26 February, 2021

Can’t stack the system: Car stackers and tandem parking targeted under new congestion levy ruling

On 1 February 2021, the Commissioner of State Revenue released ruling CL-001 in respect of parking spaces for multiple motor vehicles. Congestion Levy The State Revenue Office (of Victoria) imposes a levy on certain public and private carparks within delineated...
24 February, 2021

Where are all the insolvencies? An analysis of the figures

In normal circumstances each year there are thousands of companies which end up (voluntarily or otherwise) in some form of external administration. In the middle of a pandemic, you would expect that this figure would increase. Contrary to this however,...
23 February, 2021

Demand from a liquidator for an uncommercial transaction

It is not uncommon for businesses to receive a demand from a liquidator claiming they have benefited from an uncommercial transaction however they should not be taken lightly. Recipients should immediately seek specialist legal advice as there can be serious,...
17 February, 2021

Play centre wound up on just and equitable grounds over safety and management concerns

In a case recently handed down[1] the Court wound up a company on “just and equitable” grounds. A Court can wind up a company for reasons other than it being insolvent if there are compelling reasons to do so. In...
9 February, 2021

Winding up a company for reasons other than insolvency

The most common reason that companies are wound up is because they are insolvent (often initiated by an unpaid creditor). Did you know, however, that companies can be wound up on grounds other than insolvency? This is called winding up...
9 February, 2021

Three strategies to get paid in 2021

It is a sobering reality that as Australia starts to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses in the supply chain are likely to fail and cause a domino reaction with their contacts. You need to set yourself up...
1 February, 2021

Stamp duty waiver a win for buyers in Victoria

In brief In what has been an unprecedented year, the Victorian Government released the State Budget for 2020-21 (‘Budget‘) on 24 November 2020 with a stated objective of “putting people first”. To stimulate the property market and assist with housing...
17 December, 2020

An Introduction to Wills & Estates in Australia & New Zealand

If you require guidance or legal representation in respect of preparing or executing a will, or managing a dispute about an estate, in Australia or New Zealand then these law firms are available to assist in single or multiple jurisdictions.
14 December, 2020