Sometimes litigation is necessary. Your business may have a need to act on a precedent set by a court. It may need to enforce an action or require a court order to get the necessary outcome. And sometimes, a dispute is just so complex – that litigation can be justified.

But most times, one of (or a combination of) negotiation, mediation, collaboration or arbitration will suit your dispute resolution requirements.

Alternative dispute resolution has some significant advantages besides being more cost-effective. Whilst it’s an incredibly flexible process, all parties have greater control of it. Together, parties can agree on the type of resolution process, a place and time to do it – and can even discuss a broader range of issues that indirectly relate to an argument.

For many, the main advantage of alternative dispute resolution is that discussions can remain private and confidential. When disputes run through the courts system, everything is available on public record.  For most businesses, a lot of information that is discussed in disputes is ‘commercial in confidence’. ADR can be an effective way to ensure intellectual property is kept safe and company and individual reputations aren’t publicly damaged. Regardless of complexity, many clients find the confidentiality aspect and relative speed in which a dispute can be resolved using alternative dispute resolution a desirable option and one that Madgwicks is well-skilled in operating.

Our expert team closely consider all the facts of the dispute to ensure the most appropriate form of dispute resolution is selected to ensure the best outcome is achieved. We work with our clients closely, every step of the way, as a collaborative team producing winning results.

Madgwicks offers clients informal and formal alternative dispute resolution services across all of its service areas and industry groups. If you have a dispute that you need settled cost efficiently, quickly and privately, contact us today.

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