With over 25 years of experience and having handled major disputes in the Supreme and Federal Courts as well as advising high wealth individuals on private wealth advisory matters, Debra is an experienced lawyer with a particular specialisation in wills and estates.

Debra’s skills include:

  • Advising on and preparing wills
  • Preparing Powers of Attorney and appointment of medical decision maker documents
  • Guardianship applications
  • Applications for Grant of Probate or orders of Administration
  • Advising if applications for probate are required
  • Transfer of jointly owned property to surviving joint owner
  • Advising on proceeds of death benefits and superannuation
  • Advising on the making of bequests made as part of a will or trust
  • AFCA Applications regarding disputes over payment of death benefits and superannuation
  • Issuing and defending applications for further provision (Part IV Applications) in the Courts
  • Other Estate court proceedings including disputes regarding mutual wills, validity of wills
  • Reseal applications, (‘sealing’ foreign grants in Victoria with respect to Victorian assets
  • Advice regarding Estate planning where international assets are involved

Debra provides advice in relation to wills and estates including asset protection, business succession planning, family trusts as well as the provision of sophisticated wills incorporating testamentary discretionary and/or mandatory trusts. Her breadth of experience in succession, tax, trust and corporations law enables Debra to identify and implement advance estate planning solutions.

In addition, Debra has experience with Powers of Attorney, self-managed superannuation funds and estate issues. Debra acts for high wealth individuals as well as clients in a range of industries including retail, technology, printing, entertainment, financial, food and clothing. Debra also prepares wills for those with less complicated financial and other structures .

Debra’s approach to estate planning and wealth management is a holistic one and she aims, in an integrated manner, to deal with all assets a client might regard as theirs, whether held personally, through a trust, in a superannuation fund or be an entitlement under a life insurance policy.

Debra is a contributor to the acclaimed Meritas Guide: Introduction to Wills & Estates in Australia & New Zealand.

Recent Matters:

  • Defending and issuing applications for further provision, Part IV applications, for children, adult step-children and de-facto spouses;
  • Proceedings in AFCA regarding disputes over death benefits and superannuation
  • Negotiating with Insurer prior to proceedings in AFCA to achieve an outcome regarding status of financial dependant
  • Advising and court proceedings regarding Mutual Wills
  • Applications for letters of Administration and grant of Probate
  • advising regarding Intestacy
  • Preparation of Wills to address individual needs and circumstances including blended families and numerous individual concerns.

Areas of Expertise

Key focus areas:

  • Wills and Estates
  • Property Litigation
  • Enforcing leases
  • Removing caveats

Recent Articles by Debra Dunn

An Introduction to Wills & Estates in Australia & New Zealand

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14 December, 2020