An expert in insolvency and difficult disputes, Angelo is an experienced insolvency, commercial litigation and corporate lawyer with a specialisation and expanded practice covering finance and risk mitigation and dispute management. Angelo has acted in a number of high-profile corporate collapses and is an experienced insolvency practitioner with a commercial outlook who takes a holistic approach in determining the best course of action.

Angelo’s client base includes financial institutions, credit funds, insolvency practitioners, creditors, lenders and large corporations. He regularly works with companies and individuals under financial strain to assess the options available and determine the most commercially successful outcome.  An expert in helping clients to develop a strategy to deal with challenging situations and able to call on his broad network of external advisers, financiers and other professionals to create a team to tackle a problem. Recently, Angelo has assisted a number of clients in response to the Coronavirus pandemic including restructuring their affairs or negotiating with stakeholders such as landlords to achieve a commercial outcome.

Renowned for his skills in recovery and insolvency and commercial disputes, Angelo has built up a diverse knowledge and practice representing a number of high net individuals and prominent families, as well as large corporates in dealing with challenging financial problems. Angelo also regularly advises in relation to dealing with regulatory compliance and various regulatory bodies in connection with breaches of statute and duties.

Clients often engage Angelo to assist them in negotiating and advising on complex commercial transactions and disputes and he is known for finding novel solutions. Angelo has become a trusted advisor on many difficult dispute matters which were previously considered unsolvable.

Key recent matters:

  • Assisted in advising the purchaser in relation to the Jeanswest chain collapse.
  • Advised a restaurant group in relation to a restructure and sale.
  • Advised a lender in relation to the liquidation of a builder on a large-scale apartment development and working with other parties to appoint a new builder.
  • Assisted a 50% shareholder in a landowner of a significant building on the CBD fringe after his co-shareholder went missing and the lender to the building appointed. receivers and managers. Angelo used litigation skills to have his client take control of the entity, refinance and terminate the receivers.
  • Assisting a client with a minority interest in a wholesale and retail business after being terminated as an employee.
  • Assisting the liquidator of a large construction company in pursuing various claims against creditors on behalf of creditors.
  • Assisting a client in an IBAC investigation and subsequent criminal proceeding.

Areas of Expertise

Key focus areas:

  • Finance transactions and disputes
  • Shareholder and management disputes
  • Breaches of duties, including directors, trustee duties and corporate governance breaches
  • Dealing with regulatory bodies including representation before examinations and hearings by IBAC, ASIC and other Government authorities
  • Advising on and mitigation of various business risks
  • Insolvency and reconstruction

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