When taking action against borrowers, guarantors or directors – many of our clients just want to recover their funds as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our approach is to pursue negotiation and settlement before litigation becomes necessary.

To help mitigate the risks of non-payment, the Madgwicks Banking and Finance Team provides lender clients with commercially effective and unambiguous loan agreements and security documentation with the payment terms, schedules and the process clearly outlined involved should a borrower not fulfil your terms.

Our Business Advisory Team develops commercial contracts and agreements that clearly outline terms of trade and can assist internal finance and administration teams instill effective credit management systems and processes.

Finally, our Dispute Resolution and Litigation Team can take over when borrowers don’t fulfill their end of the deal; capably managing the entire dispute process from issuing a letter of demand to pursuing guarantors and directors through to recovering debts in a cost effective and timely manner. Even if your business is in commercial lending – you don’t want to take the focus off your business in spending time, money and effort recovering funds.

Our Experts

John Caridakis

John has extensive experience representing clients in business disputes and insolvency related matters, with expertise spanning a diverse range of areas including property, contracts, lending, trade practices, and shareholder disputes.

Angelo Conti

Angelo has acted in a number of high-profile corporate collapses and is an experienced insolvency practitioner with a commercial outlook who takes a holistic approach in determining the best course of action.