Client Situation:

While acting for a large national corporation, it was observed that issues with turnaround times, efficiency, and uniformity within their national leasing portfolio were rife. As is the Madgwicks Specialist Leasing team’s approach with all clients, if we determine an issue, we come up with a solution. In this case, the solution was developing, designing and implementing a client tailored system to resolve these serious issues.


The leasing experts within the Madgwicks team worked closely with an IT developer to build a code and then develop, implement and manage the new client tailored system. Simultaneously, an instruction and document automation process was designed to streamline and control the accuracy of data for the client’s leasing portfolio (made up of over 5,000 national sites).

How Madgwicks Helped:

The Madgwicks-designed, client tailored system:

  • Reduced errors and improved information output by controlling input information;
  • Protected the client’s preferred positions and reduced risk by regulating escalation approvals; and
  • Saved on cost by avoiding disputes with candidates/ their lawyers and identifying problem candidates early. The system has shown to improve overall KPIs in acquisition transactions.

The system significantly improved the quality of information being received from suppliers and issued out to landlords. Importantly, through suppliers using the system, information was populated in a uniform and controlled manner therefore reducing the client’s risk.

The system was so successful that it was launched nationally and was the official tool and
process to be used by all suppliers and contractors of the company Australia-wide.

The Madgwicks Specialist Leasing team is a specialist unit committed to providing not only legal advice that takes into account the practical realities of a transaction but also develop costs-minimising and time reducing tailored solutions. Contact the team to discuss how we can help your business manage and improve its specialist leasing portfolio.

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