Safe Work Australia has recently published useful new Codes of Practice (Codes) in the following areas:

  • Demolition Work;
  • Excavation Work;
  • First Aid in the Workplace;
  • Labelling of Workplace Hazardous Chemicals;
  • Managing Electrical Risks in the Workplace;
  • Managing the Risk of Falls at Workplaces; and
  • Spray Painting and Powder Coating.

While not strictly applicable to employers that operate their business in Victoria or Western Australia, these Codes are practical guides to achieving the standards of health, safety and welfare required under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011(Cth) and the WHS Regulations in a jurisdiction.

As most employers are aware, although Codes are only advisory in nature, failure to follow a Code can be used as evidence of an employer’s failure to take reasonable steps to protect its workers.

Safety managers and anyone involved in managing OHS compliance would be wise to review these Codes and update their policies, processes and procedures to ensure, wherever possible, they comply with the relevant standards.

More information

The new Codes can be found here at the SafeWork Australia website (Click Here).

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