Frequently Asked Questions: Contesting a Will and Part IV Claims

Q1: What is a Part IV claim? A Part IV claim (also known as a family provision claim) is an application to a Court requesting a share or a larger share of a deceased person’s estate. A person may make...
2 March, 2021

An Introduction to Wills & Estates in Australia & New Zealand

If you require guidance or legal representation in respect of preparing or executing a will, or managing a dispute about an estate, in Australia or New Zealand then these law firms are available to assist in single or multiple jurisdictions.
14 December, 2020

Five things you need to know about challenging or contesting a will

Contesting a will is an emotionally challenging decision that regularly involves disputes with a loved one. To try and minimise distress and ensure a smooth process, it is important to ensure that you make the correct claim within the required...
31 July, 2019

Nieces, nephews and will disputes – finding the family dynamic

Specificity is key when referencing nieces and nephews in a will.
8 August, 2018

Dying without a valid Will – Victorian Intestacy Law

In brief Important changes to Victoria’s intestacy laws have come into effect from 1 November 2017. Intestacy in Victoria When a person dies in Victoria without leaving a valid Will, the estate of the deceased person is distributed according to...
20 November, 2017