Wherever you’re doing business in the world, Madgwicks can assist.

Madgwicks is a key member of Meritas – an invitation only global alliance of 182 business law firms with 7,200 lawyers in 91 countries. Meritas firms work together to provide clients with a local legal partner with deep international resources. Meritas firms offer the full service a client expects yet with cost-efficiency, global research and personal attention unmatched by national law firms.

Only one Melbourne firm is selected to be a member of Meritas with Madgwicks the nominated option meaning we are able to offer our clients unapparelled service and accessibility across the entire globe unlike no other Melbourne-based firm. Closer to home, we work closely with our Australian and New Zealand counterparts to ensure our clients needs are looked after wherever business takes them.

Internationally Madgwicks’ clients access global legal resources in over 242 markets around the world. That means that no matter where your legal needs exist, you can find a Meritas firm that understands the local business climate, legal system and social customs.

Meritas firms must pass a rigorous selection process and ongoing client satisfaction evaluation. Meritas firms are quality controlled; clients and law firms using Meritas firms are surveyed to assess their satisfaction. Firms failing to achieve Meritas standards are terminated from the group.

Not to mention Madgwicks’ thriving Mandarin speaking practice who can provide expertise and tailored advice in both Mandarin and English across a variety of areas and issues. In addition to Mandarin, we are happy to offer services in a number of languages including Macedonian, Greek, Tagalog and Cantonese.

You can have confidence that wherever your legal requirements are in the world, Madgwicks and Meritas will collaborate to ensure the highest level of service and expertise is at your disposal.

For more information about Meritas click here: www.meritas.org


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你注意到了吗?适当通知在执行外国仲裁裁决中的重要性 适当通知在执行外国仲裁裁决中的重要性

28 May, 2021

Have you noticed? The importance of proper notice in enforcing a foreign arbitration award

In Brief On 11 May 2021, the Federal Court handed down a decision which refused to enforce a foreign arbitration award against one respondent (of four) who wholly disclaimed any knowledge of the arbitration proceedings which had taken place in...
21 May, 2021

Mandarin Guide: COVID-19 and commercial leases 疫情间,商业店租如何谈?澳大利亚对于商业租赁的临时法规

疫情下,很多生意都受到影响。在最近的一个月,我几乎每一天都在回答关于商业租赁的问题。问的最多的就是关于减租和提早结束租赁的问题。 The effects of COVID-19 are no doubt impacting many businesses and their profitability. In the past month, I have received enquiries on an almost daily basis regarding commercial and retail leases, particularly in relation to seeking rent relief and...
18 May, 2020