In an open, hyper-connected world that knows no borders, the opportunities for businesses in various sectors are endless. Equally, so too are the vulnerabilities when it comes to your business’ reputation and goodwill.

One key element of establishing a successful business is ensuring the brand that you have developed to promote your business and sell its goods and services is adequately protected. We work with our clients to ensure they avoid having their brand registered by another party leading to expensive and complicated infringement proceedings.

From registration and portfolio management to enforcement and protection, the Madgwicks IP team can help your business be in the best position to get tangible returns from your intangible assets.

We have extensive experience helping clients to successfully protect their brands through registered trade marks in Australia and throughout the world. We assist clients from the outset with advice on availability, searchability and registrability. Once a mark has been agreed upon we navigate the application process, including selecting the right classes out of the 45 on offer, drafting the specifications and dealing with any Examiner concerns or opposition proceedings during advertisement.

Together with our Corporate Services and Business Advisory experts, the Madgwicks IP team can help navigate you through the complexities to protect the true value of your intellectual property in an acquisition or joint venture to advising on franchising or licensing opportunities.

Beyond the Madgwicks office, we connect the right professionals with your team. Whether you require IP protection overseas via our Meritas network or more locally, our network can help you obtain financial grants to invest in IP and R&D, secure taxation incentives and assist with product design and manufacturing.

Whether you’re at the start of your business journey, growing rapidly or ready to sell, intellectual property is an intangible asset that you can ‘take to the bank’. Contact our team of IP experts today to generate or extract the most value for your business.

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Five intellectual property tips for ‘start-up’ companies

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